Whale of a Time: Entertainment on Water


Whale & Dolphin watching excursions will operate from Cork Harbour. The duration of the trip will be 3-4 hours. Searches will be in waters from in and around Ram Head to the Old Head of Kinsale. The waters off Ram Head have long been recognised as one of the best locations for sightings in Ireland.


Mid April to Late January.

Trips will go only when the probability of sightings are good. They will therefore be dependent on weather, visibility, sea state and season. To date research has shown us that given favourable conditions sightings are consistent.

The Boat:

Our Boat Mischief 2 is designed to provide you with a safe comfortable enjoyable trip.

With individual indoor seating for 12 passengers and ample deck space she is ideal for whale and dolphin watching even on those cold winter days.


Whale & Dolphin watching must be carried out in a responsible fashion and it is our intension to abide with the policies laid down by IWGD (The Irish Whale and Dolphin Group).

Whales & Dolphins

Whales Dolphins and Porpoise's are collectively know as Cetaceans. They are marine mammals that frequently visit our harbours estuaries and costal waters.

Common Dolphins and Harbour Porpoises are frequently seen and resident throughout the year. The Common Dolphin is the most playful of all the Cetaceans. They are fast swimmers and are often seen riding the bow waves of boats.

The Bottlenose Dolphin also frequently found throughout the year travel in smaller groups with the males sometimes traveling alone.

Minkie, Fin and Humpback Whale visit our coasts from late April to early January. Each type of whale has its own distinguishing features and habits with the Humpback often providing the entertainment. Encounters with Pilot Whales and Killer Whales (Orcas) are less frequent but possible throughout the year.

Whale and Dolphin Watching